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Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to display your business activities in a high-quality manner? Then choose a personal branding shoot and show the best side of yourself and your company.


You saw my face immediately when you opened the homepage, didn't you? You knew immediately who you were dealing with and what I do. As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important that you reach potential customers within a second. They should immediately feel comfortable with you.
Are you a (self-employed) entrepreneur and do you not have any photos of yourself or your business activities on your website yet? Then you leave a gold mine of possible assignments! Your online visibility and identity is pretty much the key to a business. Show who you are, what work you do, and where you are located through a branding shoot.
Do you ever think, “I don't like being in front of the camera, just leave those pictures”? Then I really need you.
I see the potential in you and am going all-in to take the perfect portrait photos of you. Photos with the WOW-factor.

Corporate photography Stan Keulen
Bedrijfsfotografie Stan Keulen


Do you choose meaningless stock photos? Or phone shots? Or even no photos at all?
I'm going to let you in on a secret: customers are quick to click away if they don't have a perfect first impression within a second. Without high-end photography, your company will never succeed the quality radiate that you so desperately aspire to. With well-maintained social media, you are a big step ahead of your competition.
I will work with you to create a stock of social media content that will help you make significant progress in the near future. Together we discuss what is important to you.
What photos are taken?

  • Portrait photos

  • Customer contact

  • Detail shots

  • Activities

  • Hygiene

  • Materials

  • Appearance

  • (End) products

  • Overview photos

  • Office spaces

  • The building from the outside

  • Drone photos

Do you have a special request that is slightly different from the above?
Contact us and we will look at the possibilities together!


  • Pre-online brainstorming session, plan the campaign and answer all your questions
    Prior to the shoot, we will brainstorm together about what your wishes are, what you will use the photos for, what we should take into account and determine the location.
  • 1 week delivery time
    You will receive the shoot via online gallery within 7 days. From here you can download the files and use them right away.
  • Additional tip
    You can report the shoot to the tax authorities for the investment deduction, your accountant will like that. And especially you at the end of the year!
  • Consultation in advance about the number of photos
    We will discuss in advance how many photos you need and how much time this will take. Depending on this, a rate can be determined.
  • Clothing advice
    You will receive a sheet of do's & don'ts by email to achieve an optimal appearance.
  • 200+ companies preceded you
    What a number, isn't it? Sometimes I have to raise my eyebrows when I think about it. In the past 12 years I have provided more than 200 companies with my photos. From starting self-employed people who want to increase their visibility to business events of large multinationals. Whoever you are and whatever you do: I would love nothing more than to collaborate with you!
  • High end equipment
    It is possible to run without running shoes, but it will be significantly more comfortable if you wear good quality footwear. That's how I see it with photo equipment. In principle, a good photographer does not have to be dependent on expensive equipment. But I must be able to rely on my equipment 100% at all times, in every circumstance. That is why I think it is important to always invest in reliable cameras and extremely bright lenses. I can cope even in the worst lighting conditions. Dark halls, colored lights, clouds, flashes prohibited; all no problem at all. That is the advantage of 12 years of experience.
  • Clear and fast communication
    I always strive to inform customers as clearly and quickly as possible. You can contact us by email, telephone, WhatsApp or social media. Concrete agreements are made and I clearly communicate what I need from your side. Sometimes it is necessary to brainstorm in advance. If so, we will schedule a video call.
  • Customization
    Every company is different. Good thing, too! This means that I offer customized solutions for every customer. Your corporate identity I will take into account, the work you perform and the space options. I will inform you in advance what you will use the photos for, so that we are not faced with any surprises. For example, a horizontal photo for a magazine cover is already difficult ;)
  • High customer satisfaction
    With 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on Google, I enjoy very high customer satisfaction, which I am very proud of. It is not without reason that the majority of clients return sooner or later! I don't work for you, but with you. I will think along with you and ensure a fantastic end product.
  • 12+ years of experience
    The foundation of my photography company dates back to 2012. Since then I have been able to make many companies happy with my reports. After a four-year professional training in photography, I expanded my company and focused my expertise on corporate photography. Someone who knows his trade. I would be happy to show that to your company too!
Corporate photography Stan Keulen


The costs of a Branding Shoot start from €455.00.
Travel costs within South Limburg are included.
Outside of that I charge €0.35 per km.
100% ROI: Return On Investment!
*Prices mentioned are excl. VAT

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