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About me



Born in 1997, raised in Voerendaal and living in the South of the Netherlands. 
Where my journey began?
In 2012 my father died far too young, a very sweet, special man and a fanatic hobby photographer. I inherited an DSLR camera from him with all kinds of lenses and accessories. I started working enthusiastically and through self-study via the internet and various magazines, I learned more and more about this beautiful profession. New possibilities and techniques ensured that I had enormous motivation to learn even the finest tricks of the trade. I invested in the latest equipment and technology and started sharing my work online.
As a result, I received the first requests for serious assignments at the end of 2012. That turned out to be the starting signal for all the great things to come.
After high school, I took vocational training as a photographer, which I successfully completed. As a result, I can call myself a certified professional photographer. After working as a hobbyist for four years, I officially became the youngest entrepreneur (at 18 years old) in the municipality on June 3, 2016, after registering with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Over the years I increasingly discovered which direction within photography suited me best. Although I have had the pleasure of photographing 125 weddings in the past, I have still lost my heart to corporate photography. 

Corporate photographer Limburg Stan Keulen
Stan Keulen corporate photographer Netherlands

To this day, I still take master classes and courses, visit trade fairs and scour the web to keep up with the latest developments. The market does not sit still, and neither do I.
Today I live with my girlfriend Mandy and four-legged friend Cooper in beautiful Ransdaal. In addition to being a photographer, I am a fanatic athlete. You make me happy with hikes and trail runs through the mountains.

Every day I enjoy all the assignments I get to photograph. I learn every day and strive for the highest quality. Passion, creativity and craftsmanship. Those are the three key words that best describe my style.

Stan Keulen corporate photography


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